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CNN Talk Asia Special

From 4-8th December CNN Internationalīs talkshowTalk Asia had
a special Japan Now week. And on 8th December the guest was our
beloved Ayu! I was so excited about this and of course I watched it^^
And I was really surprised that Ayu sometimes spoke english. It
was so funny when she sometimes was searching for words xD. She was
so cute ^-^. She told about her new Album Secret, her career, the
Ico Ayumi Hamasaki, her mom ^^, but mostly only stuff about her as a
singer. As always she kept away for answering questions that were to
private. nd one of the best things... she confirmed her Asia Tour 2007
which wild be held from march till end of June. But unfortunately at
the moment she isnīt interested in the US/EU market,
but perhaps some day.... ^^

Screenshots: Gallary Link
Full Transcript: English (Credits to Delirium-Zer0)
Full Transcript: German (coming soon)
Full Interview Video: Download (MU) (recorded by me)
Stream at Youtube: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 (Credits to hamasakijin)

The video file was recorded by me, so please give me credits when
posting this in other places. The english Transcript is by Delirium-Zer0
Please credit her when useing it. Thx^^